Praise for the Book

Danielle Mathieson, Editor

They Must be Monsters is a poignant and invaluable rendition of the famous McMartin Preschool Trials. Told in a creative non-fiction narrative, this novel was fascinating, informative, and thought-provoking. Having had no insight of the Trials before, the horror of the allegations, the intrigue of who was guilty, and the conspiracy theories drew...

Larry M. Edwards, Award-winning investigative journalist and the author of the acclaimed true-crime memoir, Dare I Call It Murder?: A Memoir of Violent Loss.

In this era of “fake news” allegations, They Must Be Monsters is a refreshing addition to the realm of real news in that it reveals the untold story of the hysteria that engulfed the McMartin Preschool sexual abuse investigation. Authors Matthew LeRoy and Deric...

Asher Syed – Reader’s Favorite

They Must be Monsters is a true crime story that reads like a work of extraordinary fiction. Matthew LeRoy and Deric Haddad are able to dig deeper than even journalists of the day and present a narrative that is instantly engaging and thoroughly engrossing. I have to admit that this is the first I'd heard of the McMartin Preschool Trial and going in I had...

Amanda Rofe – Reader’s Favorite

5 Stars - Congratulations on your 5-star review! Having had no knowledge of the case before I read this book, They Must Be Monsters drew me in and held me completely spellbound until the very last page. I could barely believe what I was reading as I was taken on a dark and sinister journey, a tale reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials of the 1690s. Matthew...


"They Must Be Monsters documents the McMartin Preschool phenomenon. It weaves a narrative nonfiction prose with authentic records through the eyes of a schizophrenic mother whose visions of “monsters” running her son’s preschool instigated a process that changed the awareness and lives of those around her in a prestigious Manhattan Beach community, much...

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