"They Must Be Monsters documents the McMartin Preschool phenomenon.
It weaves a narrative nonfiction prose with authentic records through the eyes of a schizophrenic mother whose visions of “monsters” running her son’s preschool instigated a process that changed the awareness and lives of those around her in a prestigious Manhattan Beach community, much as the Salem witch hunt events achieved in early 
American history.

At each step, Matthew LeRoy & Deric Haddad document the perceptions, logic, illogic, and influences that lead to each character's perceptions, choices, and decisions that in turn hold a lasting impact on everything around them. They researched both the original events in the 1980s and their impact on modern times, interviewing those on all sides, from accusers to defenders, spending three years doing so in order to tell both sides of the story from different perspectives. Their account not only documents the origins of social hysteria, but shows how these generate their own definitions of reality and revised values throughout society.

Anyone who lived through these real-life events, and generations that came after who live with their results, will find They Must Be Monsters a vivid account not just of one community's eye-opening changes; but of a process that affected American perceptions and reflects ongoing ideas of monsters and saviors today.

Very, very highly recommended not just for its detailed
background research and approach; but for its ability to tailor
a wealth of information into a digestible, understandable narrative
non-fiction format that will hold readers riveted to the end".